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Now retired from business world, André Marchandise’s life philosophy has led him to dedicate more and more of his time to philanthropic activities.


A keen hiker in all weather conditions, he has performed the ViaFrancigena from Verbier, in Switzerland, all the way to Rome. Relationships between body and mind, as well as natural medicines have long been centres of interest and the time offered by such long hikes has prompted him to support philanthropic investments in people’s well being. 


By being the majority shareholder and ethical investor in the Pierre Blanche healthcare centre, he wishes to bring the necessary financial means it needs for its development, such as the set-up of its second building, dedicated to providing for the residential needs of people with all budgets wishing to look after their well being.

The 5 acres neighboring property, formerly "hotel-restaurant of the Corbière", has been acquired in 2016 (left picture). It currently houses a training kitchen, the administration and the premises of oncology rehabilitation service of the Pierre Blanche.


Today, André dedicates most of his time working for the development of the Pierre Blanche healthcare centre for which he acts as President of the Board. An ethical committee, made of scientists – including doctors, physicians, biologists, and philosophers – is being created in order to take the centre’s expansion to a new level and to promote its pioneering approach in the field of holistic healthcare.

As a matter of fact, more and more people seek the guidance of a professional to help them on their way to physical well being, and on a coherent path towards spiritual experiences and achievements.

 They don’t apprehend their psychic suffering as an individual illness, as a malfunction, but rather as a dysfunctional relationship to the outside world and to its meaning: a suffering humanity within themselves.

They do not expect a « technical » cure from their physician, but a handholding towards an analytical and interior search which can give ground to the human meaning of their lives.


Pierre Trigano,  Foundations of Symbolic psychoanalysis

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