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the WHITESTONe foundation

A foundation to promote integrative medicine, towards well-being and health


The Foundation's Goals

  • Promote the knowledge and practice of Integrative Medicine with all professionals and provide access to this practice to a larger public.

  • Promote the practice of joint conventional and complementary therapies.

  • Give a role to the patients, at the core of their treatments.

The patient takes an active part in the process of healing and becomes more autonomous and responsible. The Integrative Medicine is a customized and intimate approach. It is the perfect combination of conventional medicine with complementary treatments, to ensure the healing and the follow-up of patients.

Together, we can improve the healthcare model

The Definition of Integrative Medicine

There are many definitions, but all of them insist on the importance of the therapeutic relationship, and put the emphasis on the person as a whole.

The concept is the result of the observation of the changing lifestyles of human beings, both on the eating habits and physical activity, altogether with well-being and stress management.

Integrative medicine uses all the appropriate therapeutic approaches, whether they are conventional or alternatives.

The 7 Principles of the Foundation

  1. Create a privileged partnership between the patient and his therapist

  2. Have a holistic approach to the person

  3. Stimulate the process of natural healing

  4. Choose a personalized path of natural healing

  5. Promote health and prevention

  6. Focus on professional collaborations for an integrative approach of medicine

  7. Provide all the necessary care, whether they are coming from occidental medicine or complementary medicine

The Foundation's Commitments

In addition to supporting concrete projects and public-private partnerships, we support and also encourage the specific trainings recognized in the world of Integrative Medicine.
We promote diversity in therapies as part of Integrative Medicine and we support the emerging policies promoting this medicine.

The Actions of the Foundation

  • Support of a research project in oncological rehabilitation

  • Support to a workshop on well-being for caregivers and medical staff

  • Communication to a larger public about Integrative Medicine

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