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Andre Marchandise Portait
Via Francigena Marchandise

Via Francigena


Born in 1948 in Liege - Belgium, André MARCHANDISE becamr a Swiss Resident at the beginning of the years 2000. He has 2 adult children. 

After having graduated n Latin and Greek, André MARCHANDISE had to interrupt his studies for family reasons. The untimely death of his father propelled him very young at the head of a small business of food distribution.

His first professional life focused on developing and create a non-food low-cost chain. This precursor concept has since known an international development.

He then directed his career towards the development of various activities in the real estate sector, securitization in the development of diversified funds.

While assuming the operations and development of its affairs, André has not stopped to train in financial management, human resources management and general management. He also deepened his knowledge of Jungian psychoanalysis in Paris for many years.

During the 2000's, he gradually abandoned the business life to devote himself to various philanthropic activities. From the Council for Festival of Verbier, to the MAMCO of Geneva and the Fondation Bodmer, he was also the founding president of the Foundation Circle Macula, thriving today in the field of the edition with more than 30 books published since 2012.

A great amateur of hiking in all seasons, he has made the trail of the Via Fancigena, Verbier - Switzerland - up to Rome. This approach was the turning point in his life.

Long time enthusiast about the relationship between body and mind and the Complementary Medicine, his reflections have led to the desire to invest into the well being of the person. By becoming the majority shareholder and investor ethics of the Corbières Health Center, he wishes to bring the financial means necessary for its development including the development of a hotel residence, including a spa and a healthy kitchen. The works are in progress and the opening is planned for early 2019.

Today, André spends most of his time working on this project. An ethics committee composed by scientists, including doctors, physicists, biologists, philosophers, is in the process of creation, in order to give a new impulse to the center and to invigorate its radiation as a pioneer in the field of health.

In 2017, the oncology rehabilitation (a "first" in French-speaking Switzerland) was an immediate success (see Project ROC on the Corbière website).

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